The Origin of Tree Worship

The Origin of Tree Worship
The Origin of Tree Worship was the title of a fanzine that I produced over a three-year period, roughly 2001 – 2004. This webpage contains a selection of the articles that I wrote for the fanzine during that time. Some are simply reprinted, whilst others have been revised and edited. I was fortunate to be supported by a number of other authors during the fanzine’s life, but this site does not reproduce any of those. A description of the issues is also included.
I have also culled the material of editorial and polemical content, together with anything that is time-specific. This page can never give a true picture of the vibrancy of the fanzine, but I hope it brings a flavour of what I had intended, together with bringing some of the material to a wider audience.
Tim Eccles
January 2005
The Battle of Wolfenburg 2512 IC
The Original Issues
The Treaty of Helmgart
Fortifications: Why?
Weapons in the Old World
Low Fantasy Scenario Writing
A Work in Progress: Languages in the Old World