Other stuff without a category
WFRP Information booklet (pdf 210 kb)
Sam Stockdale
This booklet by Sam Stockdale introduces the world of Warhammer. It makes an excellent introduction to the game for players, or those wondering if WFRP is the game for them. Even old hands will find it an interesting summary of the background.
Down in the sewers (pdf 38 kb)
Francis Plunder
List of useful movies to inspire the GM before an adventure in the sewers.
Games Day ’96 (pdf 54 kb)
John Foody
WFRP is back at Games Day.
Games Day ’98 (pdf 42 kb)
Robert Clark
A peek at the latest WFB’s pubblications.
Excerpts from Doktor Bauer’s Book of Fable and Fancy (pdf 86 kb)
Jody McGregor
References for the article “Fable and Fancy” from issue 17 by Jody McGregor.
Bibliography for “In the Light of Two Moons” (pdf 37 kb)
Garett Lepper
Bibliography for the article “In the Light of Two Moons” by Rev. Garett Lepper.