Issue 9


Warpstone Issue 9
Issue 9 (The Marienburg special) – Summer 1999
  • With guest editor Anthony Ragan, author of Marienburg: Sold Down the River.
  • News & Reviews Middenheim: City of Chaos and the new Realms of Chaos for WFB.
  • Get a Life! (John Keane) Get a house, get kids, get purpose…
  • The Warpstone Interview: Anthony Ragan (John Foody) The writer of the new Marienburg supplement is put on the spot.
  • Whaling in Marienburg (John Foody) Learn how to scrimshaw whilst hunting a Khorne Whale.
  • Cameos: The Road to Marienburg (John Foody and Steven Punter) Keeping players entertained as they travel to the big wash.
  • The Warpstone Questionnaire What you’ve said about what we did.
  • Templars of Manann (Anthony Ragan) Knights of the Holy Order of St. Rembrand the Faithful
  • Fiction: The Ore Carrier (David L. Stone) One caravan guard learns how trading works in Marienburg. The hard way.
  • A Guide to Marienburg (Francis Plunder) A player handout, as penned by a slightly biased Imperial, in a ready-to-hand-round-to-all-your-players format. Simply pull out and fold!
  • Scenario: Once upon a time in Marienburg (John Foody) The PCs are dropped into a muddle of plots, deceptions and devious wiles. Not directed by Sergio Leone…
  • The Forum (Letters page)
  • Protectress (James L. Shipman and Martin Oliver) A new advanced career, for wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
  • Fiction: Traitor (Francis Plunder) Small-time crime in a big-time city.