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WFRP Information booklet (pdf 210 kb)
Sam Stockdale
This booklet by Sam Stockdale introduces the world of Warhammer. It makes an excellent introduction to the game for players, or those wondering if WFRP is the game for them. Even old hands will find it an interesting summary of the background.
Down in the sewers (pdf 38 kb)
Francis Plunder
List of useful movies to inspire the GM before an adventure in the sewers.
Games Day ’96 (pdf 54 kb)
John Foody
WFRP is back at Games Day.
Games Day ’98 (pdf 42 kb)
Robert Clark
A peek at the latest WFB’s pubblications.
Excerpts from Doktor Bauer’s Book of Fable and Fancy (pdf 86 kb)
Jody McGregor
References for the article “Fable and Fancy” from issue 17 by Jody McGregor.
Bibliography for “In the Light of Two Moons” (pdf 37 kb)
Garett Lepper
Bibliography for the article “In the Light of Two Moons” by Rev. Garett Lepper.

The Origin of Tree Worship

The Origin of Tree Worship
The Origin of Tree Worship was the title of a fanzine that I produced over a three-year period, roughly 2001 – 2004. This webpage contains a selection of the articles that I wrote for the fanzine during that time. Some are simply reprinted, whilst others have been revised and edited. I was fortunate to be supported by a number of other authors during the fanzine’s life, but this site does not reproduce any of those. A description of the issues is also included.
I have also culled the material of editorial and polemical content, together with anything that is time-specific. This page can never give a true picture of the vibrancy of the fanzine, but I hope it brings a flavour of what I had intended, together with bringing some of the material to a wider audience.
Tim Eccles
January 2005
The Battle of Wolfenburg 2512 IC
The Original Issues
The Treaty of Helmgart
Fortifications: Why?
Weapons in the Old World
Low Fantasy Scenario Writing
A Work in Progress: Languages in the Old World

The Bretonnia Project

The Bretonnia Project
Bretonnia Sourcebook
Peter Butterworth
As some reported problems in downloading the Bretonnia Sourcebook from the original locations (here as compressed rar archieve or here as a directory containing all PDF files) we contacted Peter Butterworth and he kindly agreed to let us host the book.
The project still accepts submissions and may produce a companion volume in the future.
Feedback is welcome. Here’s the website address:
183 kb
Sourcebook cover (to be printed in colour)
Book 0
318 kb
Credits, table of contents, prologue
Book 1
828 kb
Introduction to Bretonnia
Book 2a
853 kb
Archaic Bretonnia – part 1
Book 2b
279 kb
Archaic Bretonnia – part 2
Book 3a
746 kb
Nobility and Oisillion – part 1
Book 3b
408 kb
Nobility and Oisillion – part 2
Book 4a
770 kb
Religion – part 1
Book 4b
689 kb
Religion – part 2
Book 5
1.020 kb
Book 6
686 kb
Back cover
173 kb
Guess… ūüôā


The Eye of the Forest
Warpstone have published a comprehensive background to the Imperial city of Talabheim. It ran from issue 16 to issue 23 and proved immensely popular.  Here we offer some preview material to wet your appetite.
Editor’s notes


The background for the Warhammer world has long been developed through fiction. From issue one, Warpstone has followed this tradition. Here we present a selection of these.
Blood Hunt РFrank Dube (pdf 248 kb)
Chaos Hunt РFrank Dube (pdf 254 kb)
Sigmar Provides РKlaus Mundt (pdf 213 kb)
A Bard’s Tale¬†– Ricard Gelabert Peiri¬†(pdf 66 kb)
Cultist Scum¬†–¬†Francis Plunder¬† (pdf 37 kb)
The Lone Journey¬†–¬†Francis Plunder (pdf 47 kb)
No Way Out РJohn Keane (pdf 42 kb)
Red Moon Rising РMartin Oliver (pdf 42 kb)
Trapper¬†–¬†Martin Oliver¬†(pdf 55 kb)
Traitor¬†–¬†Francis Plunder¬†(pdf 66 kb)
Two Tales¬†–¬†Francis Plunder¬† (pdf 68 kb)


A mix of full length adventures and cameos.
German language scenarios
  • Download the zip file for “Remains of the Knight” pregenerated PCs and Player Handout pack in Adobe format here(1.2 Mb). This fine package was made by Lars Gottlieb.
  • Download the zip file for “The Drowning Well” Player Handout pack here (419 kb).
  • Download “Don’t Look Now – The Extra Bits.” Back in issue 22 we published the scenario Don‚Äôt Look Now. Parts of it were cut for reasons of space. For GMs who wish to use those bits, we include them here (pdf 80 kb).



Warpstone has produced numerous reviews of various WFRP related products. We plan on having a comprehensive list available here.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
WFRP2 РJohn Foody (pdf 72 kb)
WFRP2 РWim van Gruisen (pdf 114 kb)
WFRP2 РJames Walkerdine (pdf 100 kb)
WFRP2 РFrank Dube (pdf 108 kb)
Middenheim: City of Chaos РJohn Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Power Behind the Throne РJohn Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Something Rotten in Kislev РJohn Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Marienburg: Sold Down the River РJohn Foody (pdf 60 kb)
GM Screen & Reference Pack РJohn Foody (pdf 54 kb)
Pour la Gloire d’Ulric¬†– Martin Oliver¬†(pdf 40 kb)
Doomstones II: Wars and Death РJohn Foody (pdf 45 kb)

Reviews of Online Resources
Book of the Rat РJohn Foody (pdf 41 kb)
Da Book of Goblins РJohn Foody (pdf 43 kb)

Reviews of Warhammer Fantasy Battle
We review WFB products where we believe the background is of interest to WFRP players.
Dogs of War РRobert Clark (pdf 48 kb)
Vampire Counts РJohn Foody (pdf 46 kb)
Lizardmen РNeil Taylor (pdf 34 kb)
Bretonnia РJohn Foody (pdf 46 kb)
Realms of Chaos РRobert Clark (pdf 50 kb)

Reviews of Magazines
Arcane (Issue 20) РJohn Foody (pdf 42 kb)
Inferno (Issue 1) РJohn Foody (pdf 39 kb)
Hogwash (Issue 2) РJohn Foody (pdf 36 kb)

Reviews of Non Warhammer books and movies that you may find interesting anyway
Reviews of Computer games
Shadow of the Horned Rat РAdam Januszewski (pdf 38 kb)
Movie Review
Dragonheart РJohn Foody (pdf 39 kb)



The usual suspects
NPCs for use in the game. The column was dropped as it didn’t prove very popular. In reality it mutated a little and the NPCs appear within an associated article, which makes much more sense.


What’s in a name
Listing of names from various parts of the WFRP world.
  • The Empire¬†(2 articles) (pdf 75 kb) –¬†John Foody, Martin Oliver and Peter Rutkowski
  • Bretonnia¬†(pdf 42 kb) –¬†John Keane, John Foody and Peter Butterworth
  • Tilea¬†(pdf 48 kb) –¬†John Keane, John Foody, Roberto Mandrioli and Konrad Schubert
  • Kislev¬†(pdf 40 kb) –¬†John Foody, John Keane and Konrad Schubert
  • Estalia¬†(pdf 45 kb) –¬†Richard Gelabert Peiri


“My name is Legion, for we are many.”
Legion? What? I hear you ask. Well, Legion is a series of irregular newsletters bringing together some material that we just can’t get into Warpstone, but which we think you might still enjoy seeing.  It isn’t because it’s substandard just that we can’t fit it all into the magazine.  It also contains some of the odder stuff we have lying around.
Whenever, an issue appears, Legion will be sent free to all Warpstone subscribers. Anyone who sends us an envelope and some stamps or e-mails us with a request can have a copy (at least until the next issue of Legion arrives) or you can download it from this page.
To download an issue right click on the name and choose “Save as…”. To view it just click on the name.
All issues are in PDF format. You need Acrobat Reader to view them. Click here to download it.

Issue number 11 contains a few odds and ends. Sea shanties to accompany articles in issue 30, military colours in The Empire & a look back at a first encounter with WFRP3.

Legion # 10 (pdf 3.24mb)
Legion 10 Extras for issue 29: Womb of the Gods: Mind Maggots, Ghost Stories: A sample ghost and list of Ghosts in WFRP, The Collapsing Empire: Cameos, A Heavy Soul and Guns!

An interview with David Chart, The Bee Keeper, The Hinge Factor, The Long Shot: Archery in WFRP First Edition & Bite on This! Pulling out Arrows & Bolts.

Legion #8 (pdf 1.6 mb)  
Street signs of the Empire, the cameo Guilty until Proven Innocent, The Spring of Eternal Life, The Career Song and an interview with Jay Little – Senior RPG Developer for WFRP with Fantasy Flight Games.

Halfling Names, Doc Otto: A Talabheim NPC, Review of Tibet: RPG.
Interview with Basil Barrett – designer of original Doomstones and the truth behind those changing maps of the Old World.

Here are two origin myths for the Fimir and thoughts on the lands they inhabit. Throughout you will also find sketches from John Keane, early ideas for the illustrations in the final article. This page shows an alternative border from Mike Rooth. More sketches are found in Alfred Nu√Īez Jr’s Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6 stats, available separately.

Legion #5 (pdf 156 kb)
This issue we bring you a nice little piece from Robin Low inspired by the Ian Miller’s cover of Warpstone 22, some thoughts on the GM and Character packs, as well as a location and cameos from the Talabheim Project (Warpstone
issues 16-22) that we did not have space for at the time.

Order of the Dark City – From the first issue of Warpstone, John Foody describes an order of knights.
Meeting the Best of the Worst – Article by Steve Gerke on using some of Games Workshop’s Chaos baddies.

Overdue books – Expansion of “Between the lines” (issue 14) by Richard Iorio II.
The Artist’s notebook – A look at the art of Richard Martin.
An exchange of letters – Interesting debate by mail between Tim Eccles and Leif Ulrich Schrader.
Two heads are better than one – Alternative ideas for “Headhunters” (issue 14) by Robert Rees.
No way out – NPC and short story by John Keane (reprint from issue 2)
NEW! Click here to read comments about issue 3 (pdf 75 kb).

Cut Cameos – Adventure ideas by Vidar Edland and Alfred Nunez.
The Artist’s Notebook: A look at the art of John Keane.
The Adventures of Wilhelm and Alfredo the talking cat – NPC with background and adventure hints by Robin Low.
Movie News: Dungeons & Dragons – Preview by John Keane.

Warhammer Armies: Champions of Chaos – Review by Robert Clark.
Holy Knights: Pagan days – Part five of the Templar series by John Foody and Tim Eccles.
Press release – A text of the press release that announced Warpstone’s worldwide distribution.

Hogshead Goodies

With Hogshead demise, we didn’t want all the fine downloads they had available on their website to disappear. Thus, we asked them nicely if we could make them available from our site. Happily, they said yes.
Some of this material was previously available: parts of it appeared in the first three issues of Hogwash, Hogshead fanzine-style booklet – now sadly all out of print. Other parts have been run as demonstration adventures at conventions and shows for a couple of years.
Many of these downloads are zipped files. You will need a copy of PKZIP or WinZip to open them (Windows XP users can open them without any additional software). To read Adobe pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for download here.

Fear the Worst
  • Cover¬†(964 kb) –¬†Cover, contents, credits.
  • Chapter 1¬†(810 kb) –¬†Introduction.
  • Chapter 2¬†(1.697 kb) –¬†The town of Heideldorf.
  • Chapter 3¬†(299 kb) –¬†The Wurstfest.
  • Chapter 4¬†(1.232 kb) –¬†Black Rock Keep.
  • Chapter 5¬†(229 kb) –¬†Return to the Keep.
  • Chapter 6¬†(596 kb) –¬†The Day of Vengeance.
  • Chapter 7¬†(183 kb) –¬†Experience Points.
  • Chapter 8¬†(1.670 kb) –¬†NPCs and monsters, handouts.

The official winner of the Hogshead WFRP Character Sheet design competition.¬†Designed by Gregor Hutton –¬†PDF¬†(185 kb)

Scenarios and adventures
Bad Tidings
Previously seen in issue #4 of Hogwash, this is a scenario by James Wallis set in the city of Marienburg, that serves as excellent introduction to Marienburg: Sold Down the River.
Crossing the border
Previously seen in issue #3 of Hogwash, this is an introductory scenario by James Wallis that sets the players up ready to play the Doomstones campaign.
A Change of Faith
Convention scenario by Alfred Nu√Īez Jr. and Richard Iorio II.
Word 6 (zipped) (76 kb)
Convention scenario by Alfred Nu√Īez Jr.
Word 6 (zipped) (46 kb)
Classic demonstration scenario, created by Colin Chapman and designed to introduce new players to the game. Ideal for shop demos or quick convention games.
  • Word 6¬†(zipped) (37 kb)
  • Text¬†(zipped) (23 kb)

Realms of Sorcery – Chapter 2: Nature of Magic
  • A sample chapter from Realms of Sorcery, the magic sourcebook for WFRP. –¬†PDF¬†(469 kb)
  • The Exorcist, a career for WFRP.¬†A sneak preview of a new career, written by Graeme Davis, from Realms of Sorcery. –¬†Text¬†(3 kb)

These files are the property of Games Workshop and subject to the usual copyright.

Character sheets

Quick Glance Character Sheet
Robin Low has designed an alternative WFRP character sheet. The Quick Glance character sheet is not intended to replace whatever sheet you are using, but to complement it. Its design is based on one simple goal: speed of use during actual play. Here you will find the character sheet (both as PDF and MS Word version) as well as notes and an example sheet.
Character Sheet – WFRP2 essentials (pdf)
Character Sheet – WFRP2 essentials example (pdf)
Character Sheet Notes (pdf)
Character Sheet – WFRP2 essentials (Word document)


A Private War

A Private War
by Tim Eccles
This is a WFRP fanzine that provided a campaign in four parts. The first issue, “A Private War”, is still available from author Tim Eccles. If you are a Warpstone reader, you will know Tim‚Äôs work from his articles with us. We also published an (independent) review in issue 19. In terms of mass “A Private War” is 98 pages, size A4 in two columns of TNR 10-point print. There are also tables and diagrams. It is perfect bound (i.e. no staples and with a proper spine) in black and white throughout by a professional printer. It has a front cover drawn by a proper artist and is properly typeset. The rear cover offers a full-size map of the city of Wolfenburg, and this is repeated inside with a full key to all major locations.
In terms of content, it is a campaign plus complete backgrounds and source material for Nordland and Ostland. This includes details of all the major settlements and many ostensibly less important ones, the coaching inns on the Erengrad Road and a whole section on the politics, religion, customs and peculiarities of both provinces. Want to know what they eat and drink, how they dress, what dances are in vogue or what beard to sport in the latest fashion? It is all here. Are you worried about whether to sit your PCs on a stool or an armchair? Then worry no more. You also get a magnificent map of Wolfenburg and full city write-up. Plus lots more! However, none of this undermines the fact that you also receive a fully play-tested scenario within the fanzine, and which can stand alone.
You can find fuller details at Tim‚Äôs own¬†website¬†and clicking onto the Warhammer page. There are also write-ups of his own game, which was one of the two play-tests for ‘A Private War’. A number of reviews of the fanzine have been produced, and a couple of examples are as follows
Reviews in the Public Domain
Robert Rees writing in Saint Sebastien #8 says “I would thoroughly recommend getting hold of a copy if you are either a fan of WFRP or interestingly put together roleplaying scenarios. Covering the mysterious flight and subsequent pursuit of a university professor Private War sensibly opts for a central storyline around which plenty of background material is arranged to ensure that things are kept far from linear. It is a quality product and at ¬£10 almost insultingly cheap.”
In Carnel 17, Robert offers “Tim Eccles’ Old World is a damnably dark place ‚Ķ there is a lot of material to digest in the book ‚Ķ It is a solid distinctive book ‚Ķ It certainly knocks most WFRP material into a cocked hat. It is also an invigorating read in its own right and fans of FRP might want to have a copy just to hear an individual voice among the d20 blandness that we have been suffering currently.”
There have also been positive comments posted at the Critical Hit forum pages and a positive review in the Warhammer e-zine Strike-to-Stun.


The links below lead to a variety of different resources for WFRP. Some are articles from out of print issues, and some are unique to the website. Together, they give some idea of what Warpstone is about. We hope to add more articles here in due course.