About Us

What is Warpstone?
Warpstone is an independent magazine dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, the system originally developed by Games Workshop and now published by Black Industries.
We put out three issues each year, each filled with new background and scenarios.
The magazine is distributed world-wide and is completely independent, and all material is unofficial (even the bits written by published WFRP writers!). Warpstone tries to build on the greatest strength of WFRP: the background. We do not publish pages of new rules, careers and skills. Instead, we concentrate on developing and expanding the world. (We do sometimes include rules or careers when the background warrants them, but these are kept firmly in the WFRP context.) Warpstone also keeps readers informed of the latest Warhammer and gaming news, as well as reviewing all the relevant material critically and honestly. Finally, the magazine is providing a place where the best in WFRP writing and opinions can be brought together.

The History of Warpstone
Warpstone began back in 1996, when editors John Foody and John Keane decided that WFRP needed a fanzine to support it. Little did they realise (they hadn’t been paying attention really) that Hogshead had taken over the licence. Thus they were there as the game was being brought back into print. Issue one was A5 size and put together on the kitchen table, so to speak. Around one hundred and fifty copies were printed, the initial few numbered. These were mostly sold through adverts in Arcane magazine, who also gave us some good reviews. The magazine was written by John Foody, with John Keane doing the art. Both took on the layout tasks, learning how to use Publisher the hard way.
One lesson learnt was that lesson that “kitchen table” work was not fun, so issue two was sent to a printers. Meanwhile, Martin Oliver had come abroad to help out with the editing and Steven Punter to help with the art. Martin became involved after being the only person to write us a letter about issue one. On such good fortune did Warpstone grow. Issue two also contained an interview with Hogshead Supremo James Wallis.
Issue three saw us going to A4 and generally making us look as we do now. Issue nine was a Marienburg special which saw Sold Down the River author Anthony Ragan come aboard as guest editor. This issue had a print run of 400 issues, our largest to date. It was also the last we would print ourselves. These early issues are now all sold out, going for up to 300% original cover price on ebay. If only we had keep some more 😉 During this time Mel Tudno-Jones came abroad to do some proofing and we gained a couple more regular artists.
We disappeared for a few months, to reappear with issue ten. This was to be printed and distributed by Hogshead Publishing – although we remained an independent magazine. We gained a host of new artists, and many writers. Two thousand issues were printed, and for the first time we were truly being sold around the world. We now print towards 3000 copies, and the Best Of Warpstone is also available. And there’s much more to come.

Who’s who in Warpstone
The Team behind Warpstone
“We work all day and get no pay”
It takes a lot of work to get an issue of Warpstone together and a few of us are involved in the process on a regular basis.

Editorial Team
John Foody – Editor
Founder. According to a Carnel review of Warpstone “a little bit frightening”.

John Keane – Associate Editor
Founder, artist (much of the WS art in the first few issues was his). Examples of his fine work can be seen on his Gallery page and on the Elfwood Galleries.

Martin Oliver – Associate Editor
Got into WFRP through a ten-year epic campaign that some players still have nervous twitches about. He has helped edit Warpstone since issue 2, and was also one of the line editors for WFRP at Hogshead Publishing. He freelances as a writer and editor (including for the Iron Kingdoms setting) and has a day job at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Clive Oldfield- Associate Editor
Imperial Bright Wizard.

Robin Low- Associate Editor
In 1983, the Fighting Fantasy gamebook The Forest of Doom made Robin into a roleplayer, though it was nearly ten years before he played in his first game with the Bangor Wargames and Roleplaying Society. His favourite WFRP supplements are Death on the Reik, Power Behind the Throne, Marienburg and the Transformation Moon chapter of The Dying of the Light. He earns a living by cutting up human body parts (yes, really).

Steve Moss – Associate Editor
First played WFRP in 1987 and loved it from the very beginning. In between running sessions of the Enemy Within campaign he enjoys writing, listening to Marillion and moaning on the WFRP forums. Steve is a web designer and runs his own company “Babylonia Web Design

Tim Eccles – Regular columnist
The man behind the Correspondent and a frequent contributor to various aspects of the magazine. He has been described by one reader as the only person known to be able whinge constructively. Rumours persist that Tim does have a sense of humour (well, at least this is what Robert Rees’ Carnel fanzine reported). Empirical observation within the Warpstone scenario playtests suggests a level of paranoia that perfectly explains why he is so suited to WFRP. Tim plays at the Shadow Warriors club in west London, and he has a webpage detailing his current WFRP campaign together with WFRP2 playtest games and TimCon WFRP convention details. Check it out at: www.shadow-warriors.co.uk/Warhammer.htm


Previous members of the team included Mel Tudno-Jones and Steve Gerke.

Regular Artists

Warpstone has been highly praised for its artwork. We have recruited a band of artists whose work is firmly in the Warhammer mould. All are available to work and I have to say, it’s a surprise they haven’t been snapped up. See some of their work at the Gallery or associated websites and be impressed.
  • Richard Martin deadart@hotmail.com
  • Olivier Bergerat Olivier.Bergerat@wanadoo.fr
  • Ralph Horsley email@ralphhorsley.co
  • Oliver Bancroft
  • Mike Rooth wallace1@sympatico.ca
  • Christain Holm karlfranxaufulm@hotmail.com
  • Pawel Klopotoswki

Past Artists
  • Steve Punter (reached via Warpstone)
  • Steven Jones (reached via Warpstone)
  • Mike Hill
  • James L. Shipman

There are lots of people who have helped us out in the past, too many to mention here. However a few deserve special mentions;
Spencer Wallace. Our Man in the USA. Does all the hardwork there and still finds time to write for us.
Alfred Nuñez Jr and Niel Arne Dam. All have provided help and advice on various topics.