For those of you thinking of picking up a copy of Warpstone, here are all the reviews we know about:

Associated companies, magazines and sites

Other magazines

  • Carnel – A fanzine looking at roleplaying. Often features WFRP and some entertaining reviews of Warpstone
  • Pyramid – Popular online magazine from Steve Jackson Games.
  • – Comprehensive online gaming resource.
  • Le Grimoire – French WFRP magazine.


Sites of those who have contributed to Warpstone
  • Tim Eccles – Want to see Tim’s home campaign? Want to play in it? Then check this site out.
  • Alfred Nuñez Jr – Articles, gazetteers, maps and other bits.
  • Ralph Horsley – Popular Warhammer artist.
  • Eric Fessard – Warpstone and Le Grimoire artist.
  • Richard Iorio II – Publisher of Rogue Games.
  • Richard Leon – WS contributor now behind New Gods and other games.
  • Steve Moss – Warpstone webmaster, owns an RPG/wargaming/fantasy bookstore.
  • Ian Miller – Official site of the artist Ian Miller.
Other WFRP related sites we like

  • Leisure Games – London Shop and a very early supporter of Warpstone.
  • Orcsnest – Central London’s only dedicated role playing games shop.