Issue 7

Warpstone Issue 7

Issue 7 – Autumn 1997
  • News & Reviews WFB: Bretonnia.
  • Volatile Magic (Paul Slevin and Paul White) Magical weapons? No longer the adventurer’s plaything…
  • Games Day ’97 (Stuart Ensor)
  • Skills and role-playing non-humans in Warhammer (Tim Eccles) How can players get non-humans to ‘feel’ like non-humans?
  • Diseases in the Warhammer World part one: Causes and Effects (Michael Anderson] Disease should be rife throughout a place like the Old World, but when was the last time your players caught so much as a head cold? Time for all that to change!
  • Cameo: You make your own luck (Paul White)
  • Scenario: Ostwald Skeletons (John Foody) A murder, a cover-up, and a chase around the streets of Middenheim. A low-key scenario, light on combat, which should make for an interesting interlude for new or convalescing characters.
  • Mentioned in Dispatches: Saints (Martin Oliver) St. Helena’s influence has been felt as far off as the Warhammer mailing list.
  • Classified Ads
  • The Fight Against Chaos: The History of Warhammer (Robert Clark) Warhammer: where it came from, and how it’s got here. Complete with reviews of various WFB editions and supplements.
  • Letters
  • Fiction: The Lone Journey (Francis Plunder) The diary of an honest man..