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Legion 11 is available

Issue number 11 of Legion has been released. It contains a few odds and ends.

  • Sea shanties to accompany articles in issue 30
  • Military colours in The Empire
  • a look back at a first encounter with WFRP3

You can download the PDF here.

Issue 30

Warpstone 30


  • Contents: Preview
  • Editorials
  • Reviews
  • Alfar Levantine: An Elf Trading company (B)
  • The Quickening: Elf Fiction
  • The Fantasia Effect: Magic in Elven Culture (B, W2)
  • History of the Laurëlorn Forest: The Tale of Torothal (B)
  • Clan Asgedalaion: A Sea Elf Influence Clan (B)
  • The Doomed Kindred: An Elf community (B)
  • An Elven Autopsy
  • What’s in a Gnome? Gnomes Revisited: Gnome background and rules (B, W2)
  • Gnomes: Shelter from the Storm: The fate of the Gnomes (B)
  • Nobody’s Gnome: Other ideas about the fate of the Gnomes (B)
  • That Sinking Feeling: Scenario (S, W3)
  • A Night in the Hills: Scenario (S)
  • The Margrave: Scenario (S, W2, WS)
  • Tales of the Fallen Countess: Scenario (S, W2, WS)
  • The Cult of Evil: Another side to the Cult of Morr (B)
  • Heart of Darkness: Playing evil PCs in WFRP and other RPGs
  • Lucky Charms: Background and rules (B, W2, W3)
  • Skulls: The meaning and use of skulls in the Old World (B, WR)
  • Throwing Caution to the Winds: Alternative rules for magic (W2)
  • Hermitage Wizards and the Solitary Apprentice (B)
  • Into the Darkness: Tunnel Fighters. (B, W1, W2, W3) WFRP3 Careers
  • Norse Trolls: Background and rules. (B, W1, W2, W3)
  • Under Trial: Criminal procedure in the Empire. (B, WS)
  • Orphanages: How the different cults run their establishments (B)
  • Translator: New career (W2)
  • The Monks of Sorrow: A Monastic Order for Morr (B, W1, W2, W3)
  • The Knights Jeddi (B, W1)

Key: W1: WFRP1 Rules, W2: WFRP2 Rules, W3: WFRP3 Rules, WR: Generic rules,
S: Scenario, B: Background, WS: Supporting material is available below)

Extra content for Issue 30


Want to know what’s where, when, and why? Well, the Warpstone issues page is here in all it’s glory!

Just click on the cover of the issues below. There you’ll find the articles and authors listed for your delectation, with the odd snippet about what you might find in them.
For those of you thinking of picking up a copy of Warpstone, here are all the reviews we know about: Warpstone Reviews

Warpstone 30
Warpstone 30

Warpstone 29
Warpstone 29

Warpstone 28
Warpstone 28

Warpstone 27
Warpstone 27

Warpstone 26
Warpstone 26

Warpstone 25
Warpstone 25

Warpstone 24
Warpstone 24

Warpstone 23
Warpstone 23

Warpstone 22
Warpstone 22

Warpstone 21
Warpstone 21

Warpstone 20
Warpstone 20

Warpstone 19
Warpstone 19

Warpstone 18
Warpstone 18

Warpstone 17
Warpstone 17

Warpstone 16
Warpstone 16

Warpstone 15
Warpstone 15

Warpstone 14
Warpstone 14

Warpstone 13
Warpstone 13

Warpstone 12
Warpstone 12

Warpstone 11
Warpstone 11

Warpstone 10
Warpstone 10

Warpstone 9
Warpstone 9

Warpstone 8
Warpstone 8

Warpstone 7
Warpstone 7

Warpstone 6
Warpstone 6

Warpstone 5
Warpstone 5

Warpstone 4
Warpstone 4

Warpstone 3
Warpstone 3

Warpstone 2
Warpstone 2

Issue 1 - Spring 1996
Warpstone 1

Issue 9


Warpstone Issue 9
Issue 9 (The Marienburg special) – Summer 1999
  • With guest editor Anthony Ragan, author of Marienburg: Sold Down the River.
  • News & Reviews Middenheim: City of Chaos and the new Realms of Chaos for WFB.
  • Get a Life! (John Keane) Get a house, get kids, get purpose…
  • The Warpstone Interview: Anthony Ragan (John Foody) The writer of the new Marienburg supplement is put on the spot.
  • Whaling in Marienburg (John Foody) Learn how to scrimshaw whilst hunting a Khorne Whale.
  • Cameos: The Road to Marienburg (John Foody and Steven Punter) Keeping players entertained as they travel to the big wash.
  • The Warpstone Questionnaire What you’ve said about what we did.
  • Templars of Manann (Anthony Ragan) Knights of the Holy Order of St. Rembrand the Faithful
  • Fiction: The Ore Carrier (David L. Stone) One caravan guard learns how trading works in Marienburg. The hard way.
  • A Guide to Marienburg (Francis Plunder) A player handout, as penned by a slightly biased Imperial, in a ready-to-hand-round-to-all-your-players format. Simply pull out and fold!
  • Scenario: Once upon a time in Marienburg (John Foody) The PCs are dropped into a muddle of plots, deceptions and devious wiles. Not directed by Sergio Leone…
  • The Forum (Letters page)
  • Protectress (James L. Shipman and Martin Oliver) A new advanced career, for wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
  • Fiction: Traitor (Francis Plunder) Small-time crime in a big-time city.

Issue 8

Warpstone Issue 8

Issue 8 – Winter 1998
  • News & Reviews GM Screen, Doomstones II and the Power.
  • Unofficial Appendum (John Foody) Minor additions for the GM screen.
  • Rumour Mill (Robert Clark)
  • Witch Hunters (Tim Eccles) Mankind’s last best chance? We hear the case.
  • The Art of Retirement (John Foody) Getting out while the going’s good
  • Scenario: The Missing Children of Regensdorf (Paul Williams) Strange events deep in the heart of Ostland. Will the PCs figure out what’s really going on?
  • Diseases in the Warhammer World part two: Diseases and their effects (Michael Anderson] A detailed listing of innumerable nasties and their associated symptoms and cures.
  • Fiction: Cultist Scum (Francis Plunder)
  • Cameo: The Giant Slayers (Luke Twigger)
  • Advanced Skills (John Foody)
  • The Forum (Letters page)
  • Fiction: The Final Adventure of Ursula Urjingraad (Francis Plunder)
  • Art preview: an exclusive sample of art from “Carrion up the Reik.”

Issue 7

Warpstone Issue 7

Issue 7 – Autumn 1997
  • News & Reviews WFB: Bretonnia.
  • Volatile Magic (Paul Slevin and Paul White) Magical weapons? No longer the adventurer’s plaything…
  • Games Day ’97 (Stuart Ensor)
  • Skills and role-playing non-humans in Warhammer (Tim Eccles) How can players get non-humans to ‘feel’ like non-humans?
  • Diseases in the Warhammer World part one: Causes and Effects (Michael Anderson] Disease should be rife throughout a place like the Old World, but when was the last time your players caught so much as a head cold? Time for all that to change!
  • Cameo: You make your own luck (Paul White)
  • Scenario: Ostwald Skeletons (John Foody) A murder, a cover-up, and a chase around the streets of Middenheim. A low-key scenario, light on combat, which should make for an interesting interlude for new or convalescing characters.
  • Mentioned in Dispatches: Saints (Martin Oliver) St. Helena’s influence has been felt as far off as the Warhammer mailing list.
  • Classified Ads
  • The Fight Against Chaos: The History of Warhammer (Robert Clark) Warhammer: where it came from, and how it’s got here. Complete with reviews of various WFB editions and supplements.
  • Letters
  • Fiction: The Lone Journey (Francis Plunder) The diary of an honest man..

Issue 6

Warpstone Issue 6

Issue 6 – Summer 1997
  • News & Reviews Arcane 20, Inferno 1.
  • WFRP on the WWW update (Stuart Thorpe)
  • Secrets of the Warhammer Artists (Graeme Davis) An insider’s view of the hidden jokes that riddle the illustrations of WFRP’s supplements.
  • Rumours (Francis Plunder)
  • Low Life on the Highway: Travel on the Empire’s Roads (John Foody) The Empire’s roads. All your PCs use them, but are you making the most of them?
  • Cameos (John Foody) On the Road encounters – Dead Dwarves, Wagon in a Ditch, The Toll is Death, We’re not Paid for That!, The Lost Patrol, On the Run, and Krieger’s Toll Booth
  • The Usual Suspects (Martin Oliver) The character Eldariel, from “Trapper”.
  • What’s in a Name: Kislev (John Foody & John Keane)
  • Scenario: The Drowning Well (John Foody) Bizarre goings on at an inn in the middle of nowhere. Ghosts, chaos, madmen, and unhealthy amount of blood.
  • St. Helena (John Foody) Our controversial article about a Sigmarite saint and her sphere of influence.
  • No You Can’t Re-Roll It! (Paul Slevin) A points-based character generation for WFRP.
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Stewart Thorpe) Role-playing necromancers and demonologists.
  • Letters
  • Executioner  (Peter Moore) A new basic career class.
  • Cameo: Your Money and Your Life (Spencer Wallace) More madmen, more mayhem, more carnage – but with added explosions!
  • Fiction: Trapper (Martin Oliver) There’s something unpleasant waiting in the woods…

Issue 5


Warpstone Issue 5
Issue 5 – Spring 1997
  • News & Reviews  Shadow of the Horned Rat, Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen, Arcane 17.
  • To Fight or Not to Fight? That is the Question (John Keane) Alternatives to genocide for cornered PCs.
  • Rumours
  • Holy Knights, Pagan Days: The Templars of Myrmidia (Peter Huntington) History and background for a distinctive order of Templars.
  • Templars of Myrmidia advance scheme (John Foody)
  • Interview: Graeme Davis. The man responsible for so much of WFRP finally owns up.
  • Scenario: The Eternal Guard (John Foody) Business rivalries and a centuries-old love affair cause havoc for PCs in Marienburg
  • What’s in a Name: Tilea (John Keane & John Foody)
  • Letters
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Neil Taylor, Spencer Wallace & Martin Oliver) Spell components and revised rules for spell miscasting
  • The Greys (Martin Oliver) A secret society of chaos sympathisers.
  • Cameo: Gregor (Martin Oliver) Drawing the PCs into the shadowy world of the Greys.
  • The Usual Suspects (Martin Oliver) Characters for use in “Gregor”.
  • My Campaign (Sam Stockdale) One GM offers insights from his accumulated experience.
  • Fiction: Two Tales (Francis Plunder) A valiant rescue, and a petty robbery – but which is real, and does it matter?

Issue 4

Warpstone Issue 4

Issue 4 – Winter 1996
  • News & Reviews Death on the Reik, Borkelby’s Folly, Da Book of Goblins, Dragonheart.
  • Games Day 96 (John Foody) Or, “A thousand WFB players in search of amusement.”
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Martin Oliver) What to do with the new WFB Brettonia?
  • We’re here to save the world… again! (John Foody) How not to make earth-shattering campaigns seem commonplace.
  • What’s in a Name: Bretonnia (John Keane & John Foody)
  • Scenario: A Buried Past (John Foody)
  • Holy Knights, Pagan Days: Templars of the White Wolf (Peter Huntington) History and background for the Templars of Ulric.
  • Templars of the White Wolf advance scheme (John Foody)
  • Letters
  • WFRP on the WWW (Brent W. Diana & Martin Oliver) What’s where on the internet.
  • The Usual Suspects (Spencer Wallace)
  • A Hundred Years of Trade: The Hofbauer-Bodelstein trading company (John Foody) By day, a mild-mannered business tyrant; by night…
  • Scenario: Thicker than Water (5; John Foody) The sinister forces behind the Hofbauer-Bodelstein trading company come into conflict with our well-meaning PCs.
  • Fiction: Red Moon Rising (Martin Oliver) Living with lycanthropy. Almost.

Issue 3

Warpstone Issue 3

Issue 3 – Autumn 1996
  • News & Reviews The Book of the Rat, Fire & Blood, Pour la Gloire D’Ulric, Hogswash 2, Le Grimoire.
  • Fighting Chaos: Why Bother? (Timothy Eccles) Is Chaos just too powerful to use in WFRP games?
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Martin Oliver) Paired weapon use isn’t well covered in the rulebook. These are some of the suggestions the WFRP list came up to put that oversight to rights.
  • Holy Knights, Pagan Days: Knights Templar in the Old World (Peter Huntington)
  • An historical overview of Templars, plus the Order of the Templars of Sigmar.
  • Templars of Sigmar Structure & Advance Scheme (John Foody) Paired weapon skills (Roger Kay) Additional skills to patch the gap in the combat rules.
  • What’s in a Name: Estalia (Ricard Gelabert Peiri)
  • Scenario: One hour (to) Morr (John Foody) The PCs find they have something that someone else wants – and his colleagues are hell-bent on getting it back.
  • Letters/The Forum
  • Fiction: A Bard’s Tale (Ricard Gelabert Peiri)
  • Usual Suspects (Justin Curtis & Martin Oliver)
  • Cameos: “The Flea Circus,” and, “I Hired a Contract Killer” (John Foody)

Issue 29

Warpstone issue 29

  • Warpstone 29 contents page (pdf 572kb)
  • Reviews (Various)
  • I Am Not an Adventurer! (Frank Dube)
  • The Collapsing Empire (Alfred Nuñez Jr. and Anthony Ragan)
  • Womb of the Gods (Robin Low)
  • Dead Man Walking (Toby Pilling)
  • Ghost Stories (Clive Oldfield)
  • Saint Olaf’s Shrine (Robin Low)
  • Dangerous Ingredients (Roysten Crow)
  • A System of Complex Signalling Machines (Alexander J. Bateman)
  • Beneath the Surface (Michael Madsen)
  • Joust for Fun (David Perry)
  • The Haunting of Westenseite Mine (Toby Pilling)
  • Zoats (Robin Low)
  • Legion 10 is now available for download: (pdf 3.24mb)

Issue 28

Warpstone issue 28

Issue 28
  • Reviews (various)
  • A Changing Bretonnia – The History of Bretonnia in WFRP (Toby Pilling)
  • Errant Lands – Campaigns in Bretonnia (Toby Pilling)
  • A Knight’s Tale – A Short Story (Toby Pilling)
  • Unveiling the Lady – Looking for the Truth in Bretonnia (Toby Pilling)
  • The Derelich of Château Fnaargh – A location (Robin Low)
  • Unfinished Symphony – A Scenario (Clive Oldfield)
  • Magical Charms (Tim Eccles)
  • From the Darkness: Chaos Dwarfs (Alfred Nuñez Jr.)
  • The Inns of Middenheim – Four Inns (François Poulin)
  • Barak Char – Background on the Dwarf Hold (Robert Derie)
  • Contents Page (pdf 258kb)
  • Unfinished Symphony: NPC and Player Handouts (pdf 4,12mb)
  • Chaos Dwarfs: Extra Material (pdf 629kb)
  • New scenario. Who Was Hans Kotter:
  • Who was Hans Kotter: WFRP 1 (pdf 5,03mb)
  • Who was Hans Kotter: WFRP 2 (pdf 5,66mb)
  • Who was Hans Kotter: Nameplates (pdf 12,8kb)

Issue 27

Warpstone issue 27

Issue 27
  • Reviews – Various WFRP reviews (Various)
  • The Same War – Mixing WFB and WFRP (Fank Dube)
  • Storm of Chaos – Using Storm of Chaos in WFRP (Toby Pilling)
  • Rites of Passage – Shipboard Scenario (Clive Oldfield)
  • The Dogs of War – Mercenaries in the Old World (Andrew Fawcett)
  • RPGs – A Review Specials (Various)
  • Broken Scales – Scenario (Robin Low)
  • The Aganauts – Scenario (John Foody)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Hangmen – Executioners in WFRP (Dr. Leif U. Schrader)
  • Breaking the Seal – Seals of Protections and others (Robin Low)
  • Weaving a Web – Non-Chaos Secret Societies (Reverend Lepper)
  • Sample file for contents page (pdf 147kb)
  • WS 27 Aganauts handouts (pdf 1371kb)
  • WS 27 Weaving a Web extras (pdf 249kb)
  • WS 27 Broken Scales profiles (pdf 949kb)

Issue 26

Warpstone issue 26

Issue 26 – Autumn 2006

Issue 25

Warpstone issue 25

Issue 25
  • Reviews (Sigmar’s Heirs, Plundered Vaults, Old World Bestiary, Denizens of the Empire)
  • Fragments – the latest news and reviews
  • The Fimir: Ruinous Inheritance – So good, we gave it a cover of its own. The rest of the issue is dedicated to one of the most popular of WFRP creatures. Here you will find some samples and supporting material to give you a flavour.
  • Contents & Introduction – 3 sample pages
  • Ruinous Inheritance – 2 sample pages
  • A Fimir Bestiary – 1 sample page
  • Fimir for WFRP1 – Supporting material and stats for WFRP1
  • Fimir for WFB6 – Fimir army list for WFB6.
  • Fimir – The Art
  • Legion 6 – A few things that we couldn’t fit in the main article.

Issue 24

Warpstone issue 24

Issue 24 – Summer 2005
  • Reviews: WFRP2, Liber Fanatica and more
  • Fragments: The Latest News
  • Speak Language (Various): Background on those translating WFRP (Various)
  • Warpstone Interview: Interview with Simon Butler
  • The River Lynsk: Background on this area of Kislev (Tim Eccles)
  • Witch & Master Witch: New careers for WFRP2 (Sven Gerkens)
  • Rat Catchers: Background on this most WFRP of careers (Robin Low)
  • The Gibbet of Diedenhoff: A cameo (Robin Low)
  • Cold Warriors: Spies In Marienburg (Clive Oldfield)
  • Conspiracy: Part two of an epic scenario (Alfred Nunez)
  • On the Road: Three encounters for the Empire’s roads (Roysten Crow)
  • A Taste of Boot Leather: Expanding the Street Fighting talent (Mark Parr)
  • Among the Lowest of the Dead: Short story (James Tait)
  • Deep Down: A new invention for PCs to play with (Peter Rutowski)
  • Conspiracy – Additional material

Issue 23

Warpstone issue 23

Issue 23 – Spring 2005
  • Reviews: Bretonnia Material and Lichemaster (John Foody & Toby Pilling)
  • Fragments: Includes list of forthcoming WFRP2 releases and con reviews
  • The Correspondent: Religion in WFRP (Tim Eccles)
  • Dates and Demagogues: Why the WFRP calendar is wrong (Clive Oldfield)
  • Marienburg History: Looking at loose ends in Marienburg history (N. Arne Dam)
  • The Order of the Black Griffon : A new Templar Order (Ryan Wileman)
  • Arcane Language Magick: A look at Arcane Language Magick (Travis Dunn)
  • More than Just a Career : Some ideas on the career system (Garett Lepper)
  • Lichehood and How to get there: Does what it says on the tin! (Jody MacGregor)
  • WFRP2 Preview: Art and text from the new version
  • Conspiracy: Part one of an epic scenario (Alfred Nunez)
  • A Dark Light…: Part Two of the article on Alchemy (Leif U. Schrader)
  • The City of the Damned: Using Mordheim for WFRP (Francois Dube)
  • Divine History : Stories of the gods (JD Lanz)
  • Elemental: A short story (Craig Bunting)
  • Conspiracy – Additional material

Issue 22

Warpstone issue 22

Issue 22 – Autumn 2004
  • Reviews: All Quiet in Kislev & The Bergsburg Project
  • Fragments: Including a chance to win a signed copy of Marienburg
  • The Correspondent: Real World History (Tim Eccles)
  • Interviews: Simon Butler of Black Industries and Chris Pramas of Green Ronin
  • Getting There: Travelling Rates in The Empire (John Foody)
  • Sign Post of History: Alternative WFRP Futures (Various)
  • Keep it Secret: Ideas for GMs (Matthew Pritchard)
  • Going Underground: A fresh look at underground adventuring (Craig Bunting)
  • Don’t Look Now: A Scenario set in Marienburg (Clive Oldfield)
  • Talabheim: The Final Part (The Talabheim Project Team)
  • A Dark Art in the Bright Light: Alchemy in the Old World (Leif Ulrich Schrader)
  • Treasure Hunt: A Short Story (Frank Dube)