Issue 8

Warpstone Issue 8

Issue 8 – Winter 1998
  • News & Reviews GM Screen, Doomstones II and the Power.
  • Unofficial Appendum (John Foody) Minor additions for the GM screen.
  • Rumour Mill (Robert Clark)
  • Witch Hunters (Tim Eccles) Mankind’s last best chance? We hear the case.
  • The Art of Retirement (John Foody) Getting out while the going’s good
  • Scenario: The Missing Children of Regensdorf (Paul Williams) Strange events deep in the heart of Ostland. Will the PCs figure out what’s really going on?
  • Diseases in the Warhammer World part two: Diseases and their effects (Michael Anderson] A detailed listing of innumerable nasties and their associated symptoms and cures.
  • Fiction: Cultist Scum (Francis Plunder)
  • Cameo: The Giant Slayers (Luke Twigger)
  • Advanced Skills (John Foody)
  • The Forum (Letters page)
  • Fiction: The Final Adventure of Ursula Urjingraad (Francis Plunder)
  • Art preview: an exclusive sample of art from “Carrion up the Reik.”