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Warpstone 30 cover

  • Contents: Preview
  • Editorials
  • Reviews
  • Alfar Levantine: An Elf Trading company (B)
  • The Quickening: Elf Fiction
  • The Fantasia Effect: Magic in Elven Culture (B, W2)
  • History of the Laurëlorn Forest: The Tale of Torothal (B)
  • Clan Asgedalaion: A Sea Elf Influence Clan (B)
  • The Doomed Kindred: An Elf community (B)
  • An Elven Autopsy
  • What’s in a Gnome? Gnomes Revisited: Gnome background and rules (B, W2)
  • Gnomes: Shelter from the Storm: The fate of the Gnomes (B)
  • Nobody’s Gnome: Other ideas about the fate of the Gnomes (B)
  • That Sinking Feeling: Scenario (S, W3)
  • A Night in the Hills: Scenario (S)
  • The Margrave: Scenario (S, W2, WS)
  • Tales of the Fallen Countess: Scenario (S, W2, WS)
  • The Cult of Evil: Another side to the Cult of Morr (B)
  • Heart of Darkness: Playing evil PCs in WFRP and other RPGs
  • Lucky Charms: Background and rules (B, W2, W3)
  • Skulls: The meaning and use of skulls in the Old World (B, WR)
  • Throwing Caution to the Winds: Alternative rules for magic (W2)
  • Hermitage Wizards and the Solitary Apprentice (B)
  • Into the Darkness: Tunnel Fighters. (B, W1, W2, W3) WFRP3 Careers
  • Norse Trolls: Background and rules. (B, W1, W2, W3)
  • Under Trial: Criminal procedure in the Empire. (B, WS)
  • Orphanages: How the different cults run their establishments (B)
  • Translator: New career (W2)
  • The Monks of Sorrow: A Monastic Order for Morr (B, W1, W2, W3)
  • The Knights Jeddi (B, W1)

Key: W1: WFRP1 Rules, W2: WFRP2 Rules, W3: WFRP3 Rules, WR: Generic rules,
S: Scenario, B: Background, WS: Supporting material is available below)

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