The Bretonnia Project

The Bretonnia Project
Bretonnia Sourcebook
Peter Butterworth
As some reported problems in downloading the Bretonnia Sourcebook from the original locations (here as compressed rar archieve or here as a directory containing all PDF files) we contacted Peter Butterworth and he kindly agreed to let us host the book.
The project still accepts submissions and may produce a companion volume in the future.
Feedback is welcome. Here’s the website address:
183 kb
Sourcebook cover (to be printed in colour)
Book 0
318 kb
Credits, table of contents, prologue
Book 1
828 kb
Introduction to Bretonnia
Book 2a
853 kb
Archaic Bretonnia – part 1
Book 2b
279 kb
Archaic Bretonnia – part 2
Book 3a
746 kb
Nobility and Oisillion – part 1
Book 3b
408 kb
Nobility and Oisillion – part 2
Book 4a
770 kb
Religion – part 1
Book 4b
689 kb
Religion – part 2
Book 5
1.020 kb
Book 6
686 kb
Back cover
173 kb
Guess… 🙂