Issue 24

Warpstone issue 24

Issue 24 – Summer 2005
  • Reviews: WFRP2, Liber Fanatica and more
  • Fragments: The Latest News
  • Speak Language (Various): Background on those translating WFRP (Various)
  • Warpstone Interview: Interview with Simon Butler
  • The River Lynsk: Background on this area of Kislev (Tim Eccles)
  • Witch & Master Witch: New careers for WFRP2 (Sven Gerkens)
  • Rat Catchers: Background on this most WFRP of careers (Robin Low)
  • The Gibbet of Diedenhoff: A cameo (Robin Low)
  • Cold Warriors: Spies In Marienburg (Clive Oldfield)
  • Conspiracy: Part two of an epic scenario (Alfred Nunez)
  • On the Road: Three encounters for the Empire‚Äôs roads (Roysten Crow)
  • A Taste of Boot Leather: Expanding the Street Fighting talent (Mark Parr)
  • Among the Lowest of the Dead: Short story (James Tait)
  • Deep Down: A new invention for PCs to play with (Peter Rutowski)
  • Conspiracy – Additional material