Issue 25

Warpstone issue 25

Issue 25
  • Reviews (Sigmar’s Heirs, Plundered Vaults, Old World Bestiary, Denizens of the Empire)
  • Fragments – the latest news and reviews
  • The Fimir: Ruinous Inheritance – So good, we gave it a cover of its own. The rest of the issue is dedicated to one of the most popular of WFRP creatures. Here you will find some samples and supporting material to give you a flavour.
  • Contents & Introduction – 3 sample pages
  • Ruinous Inheritance – 2 sample pages
  • A Fimir Bestiary – 1 sample page
  • Fimir for WFRP1 – Supporting material and stats for WFRP1
  • Fimir for WFB6 – Fimir army list for WFB6.
  • Fimir – The Art
  • Legion 6 – A few things that we couldn’t fit in the main article.