Issue 23

Warpstone issue 23

Issue 23 – Spring 2005
  • Reviews: Bretonnia Material and Lichemaster (John Foody & Toby Pilling)
  • Fragments: Includes list of forthcoming WFRP2 releases and con reviews
  • The Correspondent: Religion in WFRP (Tim Eccles)
  • Dates and Demagogues: Why the WFRP calendar is wrong (Clive Oldfield)
  • Marienburg History: Looking at loose ends in Marienburg history (N. Arne Dam)
  • The Order of the Black Griffon : A new Templar Order (Ryan Wileman)
  • Arcane Language Magick: A look at Arcane Language Magick (Travis Dunn)
  • More than Just a Career : Some ideas on the career system (Garett Lepper)
  • Lichehood and How to get there: Does what it says on the tin! (Jody MacGregor)
  • WFRP2 Preview: Art and text from the new version
  • Conspiracy: Part one of an epic scenario (Alfred Nunez)
  • A Dark Light…: Part Two of the article on Alchemy (Leif U. Schrader)
  • The City of the Damned: Using Mordheim for WFRP (Francois Dube)
  • Divine History : Stories of the gods (JD Lanz)
  • Elemental: A short story (Craig Bunting)
  • Conspiracy – Additional material