Issue 4

Warpstone Issue 4

Issue 4 – Winter 1996
  • News & Reviews Death on the Reik, Borkelby’s Folly, Da Book of Goblins, Dragonheart.
  • Games Day 96 (John Foody) Or, “A thousand WFB players in search of amusement.”
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Martin Oliver) What to do with the new WFB Brettonia?
  • We’re here to save the world… again! (John Foody) How not to make earth-shattering campaigns seem commonplace.
  • What’s in a Name: Bretonnia (John Keane & John Foody)
  • Scenario: A Buried Past (John Foody)
  • Holy Knights, Pagan Days: Templars of the White Wolf (Peter Huntington) History and background for the Templars of Ulric.
  • Templars of the White Wolf advance scheme (John Foody)
  • Letters
  • WFRP on the WWW (Brent W. Diana & Martin Oliver) What’s where on the internet.
  • The Usual Suspects (Spencer Wallace)
  • A Hundred Years of Trade: The Hofbauer-Bodelstein trading company (John Foody) By day, a mild-mannered business tyrant; by night…
  • Scenario: Thicker than Water (5; John Foody) The sinister forces behind the Hofbauer-Bodelstein trading company come into conflict with our well-meaning PCs.
  • Fiction: Red Moon Rising (Martin Oliver) Living with lycanthropy. Almost.