Issue 3

Warpstone Issue 3

Issue 3 – Autumn 1996
  • News & Reviews The Book of the Rat, Fire & Blood, Pour la Gloire D’Ulric, Hogswash 2, Le Grimoire.
  • Fighting Chaos: Why Bother? (Timothy Eccles) Is Chaos just too powerful to use in WFRP games?
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Martin Oliver) Paired weapon use isn’t well covered in the rulebook. These are some of the suggestions the WFRP list came up to put that oversight to rights.
  • Holy Knights, Pagan Days: Knights Templar in the Old World (Peter Huntington)
  • An historical overview of Templars, plus the Order of the Templars of Sigmar.
  • Templars of Sigmar Structure & Advance Scheme (John Foody) Paired weapon skills (Roger Kay) Additional skills to patch the gap in the combat rules.
  • What’s in a Name: Estalia (Ricard Gelabert Peiri)
  • Scenario: One hour (to) Morr (John Foody) The PCs find they have something that someone else wants – and his colleagues are hell-bent on getting it back.
  • Letters/The Forum
  • Fiction: A Bard’s Tale (Ricard Gelabert Peiri)
  • Usual Suspects (Justin Curtis & Martin Oliver)
  • Cameos: “The Flea Circus,” and, “I Hired a Contract Killer” (John Foody)