Issue 21

Warpstone issue 21

Issue 21 – Winter 2003/2004
  • Reviews: Dwarfs: Stone & Steel, Fear the Worst and Black Library Fiction
  • The Correspondent: Second Edition WFRP (Tim Eccles)
  • An Early Demise: Death in the Warhammer World (Garett Lepper)
  • Hay For My Horse and A Candle for Me: The Outrider Career (Peter Rutlowski)
  • The Professor’s Dilemma: A Short Scenario (F. Jason Lindholm)
  • Stomach for a Fight: Ogre PCs (Richard Leon)
  • That’s Entertainment: Entertainers in the Old World (Jody Macgregor)
  • The Tears of Myrmidia: A Scenario set in Araby (Brian Gillatt and Paul Mackintosh)
  • Talabheim: Part Six of the Project (The Talabheim Project Team)
  • Terms of Address II: Addressing your betters in Reikspiel (Leif Ulrich Schrader)
  • The Bakers’ Guild: (Tim Eccles & Richard Iorio II)
  • The Forum: The Letters Page