Issue 20

Warpstone issue 20

Issue 20 – Summer 2003
  • Reviews: Heart of Chaos, Strike-To-Stun & The Dying Earth RPG.
  • The Correspondent: Alignment in WFRP. (Tim Eccles)
  • Fragments: News and interview with James Wallis on the demise of Hogshead.
  • Scaled Down: Lizardmen in the Old World. (Ryan Wileman)
  • If We Build It, They will Come…: A look at Engineer Guilds, both Dwarf and Human. (Alfred Nuñez Jr)
  • The Lowest of the Low: Half-Orcs as PCs (Toby Pilling)
  • A Taste of Family Life: A short scenario with a difference. (Konrad Schubert)
  • Talabheim: Part Four of our background to the city.
  • The Real Enemy Within?: Trouble and strife in a changing Empire in this scenario. (Tim Eccles)
  • Roads and Roadwardens: Background on those brave few who patrol the Empire’s roads. (Richard Iorio II)
  • A Noble Failure: Letting things get a little messed up. (John Foody)
  • Manniocs-quinsh: A look at the Mannikins, Marienburg’s Elven police. (Thomas Larue)