Issue 2

Warpstone Issue 2

Issue 2 – Summer 1996
  • News & reviews Arcane 5-8, Valkyrie 11.
  • Down in the Sewers (Francis Plunder) As if they weren’t unpleasant enough already…
  • Careering Ahead (John Keane) How to make the most of careers, and prevent career-hopping.
  • Energy Criticals Table (Lloyd Carroll)
  • The Usual Suspects (Martin Oliver & John Keane)
  • Letters
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Martin Oliver) An introductory overview of list discussions.
  • Scenario: The Cannonball Run (John Foody) A mystery, a hand, and a high-speed chase.
  • Names: The Empire (John Foody & Martin Oliver)
  • Cameo: Rough Justice (Martin Oliver) The inquisition comes to town.
  • Specialist Weapon ┬áNet (John Foody) An introduction to WFRP on the internet.
  • Interview: James Wallis The man behind Hogshead Publishing admits all!
  • Fiction: No Way Out (John Keane)