Warpstone has produced numerous reviews of various WFRP related products. We plan on having a comprehensive list available here.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
WFRP2 – John Foody (pdf 72 kb)
WFRP2 – Wim van Gruisen (pdf 114 kb)
WFRP2 – James Walkerdine (pdf 100 kb)
WFRP2 – Frank Dube (pdf 108 kb)
Middenheim: City of Chaos – John Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Power Behind the Throne – John Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Something Rotten in Kislev – John Foody (pdf 49 kb)
Marienburg: Sold Down the River – John Foody (pdf 60 kb)
GM Screen & Reference Pack – John Foody (pdf 54 kb)
Pour la Gloire d’Ulric – Martin Oliver (pdf 40 kb)
Doomstones II: Wars and Death – John Foody (pdf 45 kb)

Reviews of Online Resources
Book of the Rat – John Foody (pdf 41 kb)
Da Book of Goblins – John Foody (pdf 43 kb)

Reviews of Warhammer Fantasy Battle
We review WFB products where we believe the background is of interest to WFRP players.
Dogs of War – Robert Clark (pdf 48 kb)
Vampire Counts – John Foody (pdf 46 kb)
Lizardmen – Neil Taylor (pdf 34 kb)
Bretonnia – John Foody (pdf 46 kb)
Realms of Chaos – Robert Clark (pdf 50 kb)

Reviews of Magazines
Arcane (Issue 20) – John Foody (pdf 42 kb)
Inferno (Issue 1) – John Foody (pdf 39 kb)
Hogwash (Issue 2) – John Foody (pdf 36 kb)

Reviews of Non Warhammer books and movies that you may find interesting anyway
Reviews of Computer games
Shadow of the Horned Rat – Adam Januszewski (pdf 38 kb)
Movie Review
Dragonheart – John Foody (pdf 39 kb)