Issue 6

Warpstone Issue 6

Issue 6 – Summer 1997
  • News & Reviews Arcane 20, Inferno 1.
  • WFRP on the WWW update (Stuart Thorpe)
  • Secrets of the Warhammer Artists (Graeme Davis) An insider’s view of the hidden jokes that riddle the illustrations of WFRP’s supplements.
  • Rumours (Francis Plunder)
  • Low Life on the Highway: Travel on the Empire’s Roads (John Foody) The Empire’s roads. All your PCs use them, but are you making the most of them?
  • Cameos (John Foody) On the Road encounters – Dead Dwarves, Wagon in a Ditch, The Toll is Death, We’re not Paid for That!, The Lost Patrol, On the Run, and Krieger’s Toll Booth
  • The Usual Suspects (Martin Oliver) The character Eldariel, from “Trapper”.
  • What’s in a Name: Kislev (John Foody & John Keane)
  • Scenario: The Drowning Well (John Foody) Bizarre goings on at an inn in the middle of nowhere. Ghosts, chaos, madmen, and unhealthy amount of blood.
  • St. Helena (John Foody) Our controversial article about a Sigmarite saint and her sphere of influence.
  • No You Can’t Re-Roll It! (Paul Slevin) A points-based character generation for WFRP.
  • Mentioned in Dispatches (Stewart Thorpe) Role-playing necromancers and demonologists.
  • Letters
  • Executioner  (Peter Moore) A new basic career class.
  • Cameo: Your Money and Your Life (Spencer Wallace) More madmen, more mayhem, more carnage – but with added explosions!
  • Fiction: Trapper (Martin Oliver) There’s something unpleasant waiting in the woods…