Warpstone, the independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Warpstone is happy to receive submissions of both written work and art. We will always respond to submissions, even if they are not suitable for publication in Warpstone. If you send a submission and do not hear back from us in good time, please drop us a line to remind us. Failure to reply is simply a symptom of the chaotic nature of the Warpstone organisation. If you take the time with a submission, we will take the time to respond.
Payment: A published contribution earns you a free copy of Warpstone.
How? We are happy to receive submissions by post or e-mail. Articles should be in RTF (Rich Text Format) or MS Word format.

Art Submissions: We are always looking for artists. You must have an understanding of the “Warhammer style” (which covers a broad range of styles, as our current artists will testify!), but we are happy to look at all kinds of work, whether your speciality is maps, caricatures, portraits or anything else. Just send us a picture you think should be included in Warpstone, and some examples of any other work you have done. Please remember not to send originals, but only copies.
Article Submissions: Warpstone tries not to include articles that rewrite game rules or are in themselves rules-heavy. In the same vein we are not looking for new monsters, careers, skills, gods etc. (That said, if you have something good send it in.) We are looking for articles that expand the world of Warhammer, filling in the gaps that are present. We also look at how the game is played, discussing issues relevant to all gamers. If you have an article but you are not sure whether it is suitable, send us an outline. We will tell you if we are interested in seeing it developed. If you could include a sample of some other work you’ve completed at the same time, this would be useful (but is not essential).
Regular Articles: Comment Articles: We are always looking for articles where you put across your point of view on a particular subject.
Cameos: Brief encounters and adventure outlines. Don’t include character profiles, only descriptions.
Scenarios: Full length, detailed adventures.
Short stories: We are currently not accepting fiction.

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