Warpstone, the independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

For those of you thinking of picking up a copy of Warpstone, here are all the reviews we know about: Warpstone Reviews

Associated companies, magazines and sites

Games Workshop
Owner of Warhammer.

Black Industries
Division of GW that will publish WFRP2.

Green Ronin
RPG company that is developing the new WFRP.
Warhammer Archives
Among the best online WFRP resources
Strike to Stun
Warhammer e-zine.
Critical Hit
Online resource for WFRP.

The Bergsburg Project
The living Old World city.

Other magazines
A fanzine looking at roleplaying. Often features WFRP and some entertaining reviews of Warpstone.
Popular online magazine from Steve Jackson Games.
Comprehensive online gaming resource
French WFRP magazine.

Sites of those who have contributed to Warpstone
Want to see Tim's home campaign? Want to play in it? Then check this site out.
Also holds details on how to obtain his "A private war" campaign.
Articles, gazetteers, maps and other bits
Warpstone and SLA artist. Prints available of all his works.
Popular Warhammer artist.
Warpstone and Le Grimoire artist.

Richard Iorio II

One Swell Guy.
WS contributor now behind New Gods and other games

Steve Moss

Grim and Perilous.
Official site of the artist Ian Miller.

Other WFRP related sites we like
Black Library's (WH and WH 40K novels' publisher) official website
How to order "Tetsubo", an unofficial supplement for WFRP.
Website dedicated to William King, author of the Felix and Gotrek books.
The official Kim Newman (aka Jack Yeovil) Website.
Spanish site dedicated to WFRP.
Skaven resource site.
WFRP resource site.
Italian WFRP Site

Other links
Free challenging online board games of war and conquest. Current games include Medieval Diplomacy & Dragonlords.


Games Workshop rumours and other associated stuff.

Gamer's database.
Character portraits.
Play by Email site.

London Shop and a very early supporter of Warpstone.


Central London's only dedicated role playing games shop.
Gamestore in Missouri.
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