Issue 18

Warpstone issue 18
Issue 18 – Winter 2001/2002
  • Reviews: Review of the Black Library‚Äôs recent Warhammer output, including an interview with head-honcho Marc Gascoigne.
  • The Correspondent: The Future History of the Old World. Just what will happen in the Old World over the coming years.(Tim Eccles)
  • Guilds: An introduction to a comprehensive series (Tim Eccles)
  • The Real Enemy Within: Ideas for an extended campaign (Paul Slevin)
  • The Trust: A not so secret society (Robin Low)
  • Talabheim: Part Three of the epic background to the city (The Talabheim Project Team)
  • Up the Ladder: Two advanced careers for thieves. (Vidar Edland, John Foody & Alfred Nunex)
  • The Nature of the Obligation: Fiction (RW Krpoun)
  • A Recipe for Trouble: Scenario (John Foody)