Issue 17

Warpstone issue 17

Issue 17 – Autumn 2001
  • Reviews: Bergsburg & Death’s Dark Shadow (John Foody), SLA (Martin Oliver) plus a look at various game magazines (Tim Eccles)
  • The Correspondent: Imperial Law (Tim Eccles)
  • Fragments: Latest news
  • The Nine Tribes: The people of Sigmar’s time (Tim Eccles & Ryan Wileman)
  • Excerpts from Doktor Brauer: Background from Felix & Gotrek (Jody MacGregor)
  • Forms of Address: How to say hello (Toby Pilling)
  • Talabheim: Part Two of an epic background to the city (The Talabheim Project Team)
  • Blue Blood on the Carpet: The Nobility (Alfred Nunez & N. Arne Dam)
  • The Simple Coin: Some ideas for the humble gold peice (Tim Eccles)
  • In the Name of Love: A short Scenario(John Foody)