Issue 16

Warpstone issue 16

Issue 16 – Summer 2001
  • Reviews: Chart of Darkness (John Foody)
  • The Correspondent: Culture in the Old World (Tim Eccles)
  • Fragments: Latest news
  • Who are the Feathered Priests?: A history of Doomstones (Toby Pilling)
  • A Touch of Evil: The nature of Neutrality (Tim Eccles, John Foody, Peter Huntington & John Keane)
  • Talabheim – An Introduction: Background to the Talabheim Project (John Foody)
  • Talabheim: Part One of an epic background to the city (The Talabheim Project Team)
  • Tintabriel and Aurore: An Imperail Play (Mark Bell)
  • Privileges: A Talabheim Scenario (John Foody)
  • I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe: Part Three brings our epic story to a close (Ouroboros)