Issue 15

Warpstone issue 15

Issue 15 – Winter 2000/2001
  • Reviews: On-line WFRP Resoucres & Castle Drachenfels (John Foody & Robert Clark)
  • The Correspondent: ¬†Adventurers in The Old World (Tim Eccles)
  • Fragments: Latest news
  • Secrets of WFRP Writers: Jokes and meanings behind the words. Part Two (Graeme Davis)
  • Pulling the Strings: Patrons (John Foody)
  • The Church of Sigmar: Background & Organisation (Tim Eccles & N. Arne Dam)
  • A Lover Lost: Scenario (Mike Hill)
  • In the Light of Two Moons: The truth about Geheimnisnacht (Garett Lepper)
  • Ranger Lore: Skills for Rangers (Ouroboros)
  • I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe: Part Two of an epic story (Ouroboros)
  • Religious History of the Old World: (Stephen Cumiskey)
  • The Forum: Letters