Issue 14

Warpstone issue 14

Issue 14 – Summer 2000
  • Reviews: 7th Sea, Gemini & Death’s Dark Shadow (Tim Eccles, Slev & Luke Twigger)
  • The Correspondent:  An Ostland Gazetteer (Tim Eccles)
  • Fragments: Latest news
  • Taking Horse for Granted: Some thoughts on steeds (Peter Moore)
  • Between the Lines: Books for PCs to pursue (Richard Iorio II)
  • Slavery, Serfdom & Servitude: Background & Scenario Ideas (Garrett Lepper)
  • Secrets of the WFRP Writers: Jokes and meanings behind the words (Graeme Davis)
  • Head Hunters: Scenario (John Foody)
  • Elf Slavery: A history (Ashley Southcott)
  • Marienburg Revisited: Some expanded locations & NPCs (Alfred Nunez Jr.)
  • Strange Events in Marienburg: Two Cameos (Elias Bornshaw)
  • I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe: Part One of an epic story (Ouroboros)
  • The Forum: Letters