Issue 12

Warpstone Issue 12

Issue 12 – Winter 1999
  • News & Reviews: Vampire Counts, Marienburg: Sold Down the River & Something Rotten in Kislev
  • Madman or Prophet: Dreams & Omens (John Foody)
  • The Correspondent: Women in the Old World (Tim Eccles)
  • Off The Shelf: A discussion of the future of independent Roleplaying Magazines (Paul Evans & John Foody)
  • Thralls of Darkness: A look at the followers of the Chaos Gods (Vidar Edland)
  • Live by the Book: Libraries and Librarians in the Old World (Richard Iorio II)
  • Tomes of Magic:  Books of power and often forbidden knowledge (Vidar Edland)
  • Ring-a-Ring of Cultists: A complete Scenario (John Foody)
  • The Forum The latest letters
  • Marienburg Resources: A listing of background and Scenarios for Marienburg (John Foody & Alfred Nuñez Jr)
  • A Bit of this and That: Some Ideas on Chemistry (Spencer Wallace)