Issue 11

Warpstone Issue 11

Issue 11 – Summer 1999
  • News & Reviews
  • The Correspondent (Tim Eccles): A look at Warhammer Battles
  • A Job for Life:  The nature of careers (John Foody)
  • Behind the Scenes:  Underworld and Covert Organisations (Alfred Nuñez Jr)
  • Excommunicate:  Excommunication and its consequences (Toby Pilling)
  • Down in the Pit: The World of Pit-Fighters (John Foody)
  • The Accursed Element:  Warpstone its Uses and Abuses (Garett Lepper)
  • Noble Blood: A complete Scenario (John Foody)
  • The Passing of Time II: Getting Older in WFRP  (John Foody)
  • To Those that Have Nothing: Fiction (Travis Dunn)