Issue 10

Warpstone Issue 10

Issue 10 – March 1999
  • News & Reviews The Power Behind the Throne, Dogs of War
  • Warpstone Fragments
  • The Correspondent (Tim Eccles) “In the beginning…” In the first of his regular columns, Tim Eccles looks at ┬áthe need for a WFRP creation myth.
  • The Warpstone interview: Phil Gallagher Orginal WFRP authour and current GW company secretary Phil Gallagher goes under the Warpstone spotlight.
  • The Passing of Time (John Foody)
  • Foundation and Faith (Anthony Dawber) A look at everyday beliefs and customs on WFRP
  • The Alternative Troll Slayer (John Foody) Views on the orange ones. Also includes comments from Alfred Nunez, authour of forthcoming Dwarf soucebook
  • Child of Praag (Stephen Passey) Short Fiction
  • The Rumour Mill (Robert Clark) Report from Games Day
  • The Black Gate (John Foody) A complete scenario
  • The Clerics of Shallya (Tim Eccles) Background information for one of the main cults of the Old World
  • The Forum The latest letters