Warpstone, the independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
112 pages, £8.50
  • Reviews (Various)
  • I Am Not an Adventurer! (Frank Dube)
  • The Collapsing Empire (Alfred Nuñez Jr. and Anthony Ragan)
  • Womb of the Gods (Robin Low)
  • Dead Man Walking (Toby Pilling)
  • Ghost Stories (Clive Oldfield)
  • Saint Olaf’s Shrine (Robin Low)
  • Dangerous Ingredients (Roysten Crow)
  • A System of Complex Signalling Machines (Alexander J. Bateman)
  • Beneath the Surface (Michael Madsen)
  • Joust for Fun (David Perry)
  • The Haunting of Westenseite Mine (Toby Pilling)
  • Zoats (Robin Low)

Legion 10 is now available for download: (pdf 3.24mb)

Legion 10 Extras for issue 29: Womb of the Gods: Mind Maggots, Ghost Stories: A sample ghost and list of Ghosts in WFRP, The Collapsing Empire: Cameos, A Heavy Soul and Guns!

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